What We Do

Court Advocacy

The F2F Court Liaison works alongside attorneys, social workers, treatment providers and other professionals to advocate for participants involved in the judicial system. This support system sends a message to the judge and all other interested parties in the criminal justice system that the community cares about the outcome of the cases and is willing to devote its time and energies to monitoring the workings of the judicial system.

Job Placement and Training

F2F offers a wide range of job training programs, support services and placement services for individuals with barriers to employment, including those with prior criminal records. Our programs also help participants prepare for job interviews and practice their computer skills before applying for jobs.


Mentoring is at the core of what we do at F2F. Through mentorship, we are able to provide an atmosphere of family and a feeling of belonging. With this, the participants are able to better understand how bad choices will affect them negatively in the future, and how relationships with dangerous people can lead them down a destructive path.






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Case Management

F2F Case Managers assist participants in meeting their individual goals through direct delivery and referral resources. Case Managers monitor and assess each individual's progress towards obtaining their goals.

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